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Young Creatives

Such as... Penny, 34, is an accomplished graphic designer who’s married to a financial analyst with a son in pre-school. She enjoys her life as a successful freelancer, but hasn’t been able to thrust herself into making a career out of what truly sets her soul on fire: typography. As a designer, she wears several hats (artist, editor, photographer, etc), so she’s adept at many things, yet a master at none. But because she’s gotten comfortable in her design career, with a family to care for, she’s opposed to taking big risks, even though she has stacked up considerable disposable income over the years.

Since she hasn’t committed to focusing solely on typography, her dreams of traveling the world to design lettering in real time continue to escape her. Penny wants more out of her design career, but lacks the clarity on how to go about creating the life she wishes to have. Working 40 hrs a week, missing out on her son's events and playdates bring sorrow to her heart. She’s compensated well with several high-paying clients, but doesn’t have as much freedom and free time as she signed up for, which brings her unhappiness.

As someone who has the itch to do what she’s most passionate about that hasn’t yet been scratched, her biggest hurdle is in escaping the illusion of stability that her income and moderate level of fulfillment bring her. She knows what she should do, but can’t push herself to take that step. Penny is the woman that exercises regularly, that eats healthy, that is all about fairness and peace - so she knows better. In essence, she needs a catalyst to shake her out of this zone.

Summation: she wants to be something more, focusing on her ultimate dream, but is addicted to the safety net of freelance job security - she needs a catalyst boost.

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Small & Medium Businesses

   Summation: realizes that integrity and dedication to their products and customers are most important for their business, after a very successful, but reactive 1st year in business.

Such as...  Dino Soaps is a new start-up that sells environmentally-sourced body soap-as-a-service. A master stroke of a commercial they produced went viral, catching the eyes of Gwenyth Paltrow, who shouted them out, instantly catapulting their fresh brand into the homes of hundreds of thousands of people. Earlier this year, the Dino Soaps team celebrated a phenomenal first year in business, now serving over 50,000 soap enthusiasts worldwide.

Because they were underprepared for the surge of awareness they received from their viral video, they had to hire extra hands without fully vetting candidates to speed up production of their soaps. This created some stress and overwhelm amongst the team and partners, but even more unfortunate was that the founder went into a reactive mode of doing business vs a proactive mode. They eventually met the demand, but at the cost of fatigue, excellence and attention. As a result, they experienced a decline in memberships, as customers began dropping out of their subscriptions after the trial period.

This year, they want to do things differently, after having learned their lesson in not chasing the quick fame by trying to sign up everyone under the sun. Dino Soaps realized that it’s much more cost effective to aim for retention than trying to get new customers. They failed their early supporters by forgetting about them and not rewarding them for their loyalty. They also forgot what made them special: integrity and a dedication to its products and its customers, things they now realize are paramount in the world of business today. 

With the crazy first year now out of the way and sales on a slow, but steady decline, they now understand how much they need to softly reboot their brand. In other words, they know what they need to do, but they are unsure of how to do it. With a decent amount of capital they’re willing to invest in the betterment of their business, they seek a specialist to guide them in a holistic way towards an improved method and focus on putting the customer first.

Summation: the company that realizes that integrity and dedication to their products and customers are most important for their business, after a very successful, but reactive 1st year in business.

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