My Story

I’m Darnell Brown and I’m here for you. I coach, consult, write, speak, design and create for a living. Ever since my 5th birthday, I’ve been obsessed with the arts (visual, musical, culinary, etc), figuring out ways to contribute to Earth’s rich history. Blown in from the Windy City to the Queen City right after Jurassic Park debuted in theaters, it’s been the place I’ve called home since ’93.

During the backdrop of The Great Recession of 2008 was when my professional life really hit its stride, as I bought a house, left the comfort of my job in promotions, and dove head first into freelance graphic design in one month’s time. By 2013, I’d served well over 100 clients of all sizes and industries throughout Australia, Canada, Europe, Africa and America.

And then I got a taste of next level growth by owning shares within two tech startups, all the while helping them both raise over $2M in investment capital via branding and designing. That milestone cemented how much I’d evolved. Graphic design is like seeing through a keyhole, branding is like looking at the world with panoramic eyes.

My professional life these days is comprised of two (2) pillars - each made to serve a specific personal profile. Pillar #1 is Bulletproof Hustle: where I coach, consult, create content and speak to help professionals and businesses unleash their superpowers. Pillar #2 is LeTellier Skincare - the holistic cosmetic line my wife and I created to help adults feel beautiful and age gracefully. Everything I touch serves people passionately in transparent, unique ways - without compromise. So welcome to my digital home. Glad to have you here.

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