Nelly Bloom Is Now Bulletproof Hustle

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Here's The Deal...

To the creatives, entrepreneurs and trouble-makers of the world, we do just one little thing. We help you share your dopest stories, ideas and beliefs in bite-sized fashion. One shirt at a time. Delivered to your doorstep. The stuff that matters to you, the ideals that get you outta bed every morning, that ambition that drives your soul; we empower you to wear all of that proudly and unapologetically.

One action at a time, you help shape society, you encourage diversity and you’re obsessed with expressing ideas. Your passion and efforts bring out the best in people. And because you do it with finesse, you are an artist - never forget that. You are precisely why we do this and you’re who we make our apparel for.

As your fellow creative, I get your passion; your obstacles; your intentions. Our shirts are made to speak for you so you don’t have to. They don’t just tell, they’re made to compel. And they invite you (and others like you) to find your own meaning within them by never saying too much. Through every interaction with us, every design we create, every post we write, we’re sharing our souls with you. We’re an open house and we love you more than we love what we sell, because you give us purpose. So let’s share your journey. Together.

Wear your truth proudly,

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Founder of Bulletproof Hustle

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