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All Great Ideas Want to be Born: Part 1

Posted on December 17 2014


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Inside that mind of yours are ideas waiting to be given the chance to be shared. Within you, are thoughts that might change a lot in this world. Let them express themselves. Birth them.

Throughout our routine daily tasks, new ideas spring up all the time. Everyday we wake up, we drive our cars to our workplaces and then back home. Every time we take a bath or even when we just stare into a corner, ideas are formulating inside our minds. They can glow like the stars that twinkle at night or shine as bright as the lights in your house.

For ages, you may not have realized just how much within you that is dying to express itself. Today could be your day to tell the world that you have a vault of worthy ideas, sentiments and thoughts. Don’t think that just because your previous ideas may not have worked the way you intended, all of what you could also think of won’t work either. There are still new ideas to be born, so don’t concern yourself with the past.

Take time to assess yourself and your abilities. Study the natural laws around you - reactions of people, life cycles, the organic ways things work. From them you can think of new solutions to existing problems…of new ways to live this life…and new paths to take. Complex problems often have the simplest answers. As you begin to appreciate the world around you, take note of your new ideas being born.You’ll have much to share with the various people playing roles in your life.

Let your inspiration to keep moving outweigh your fear of discovering fresh ideas and having them not working. Enough time is being entrusted to you at this very moment to make the most of what your mind can imagine. Nelly Bloom is always here to help you realize the hidden power and forces within you. Through their collection of graphic tees designs, you will have the capacity and ability to think beyond your immediate limitations and into a stronger field of influence.


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