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Are You Adding Value or Adding Noise?

Posted on June 11 2015

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Each of us is granted with two ears, but only one mouth. I don’t believe this is by accident - I believe it’s by design. A person must learn to listen rather than just throw out words to people. Listen first. Think second. Speak last.

Words can be deadly blades or comforting melodies. They can break or build. What you say can turn a lamb into a beast or a wolf into a sheep. Words can wind us up to fail or empower us to success.

So the question is: are your words adding value or adding noise?

Face it, not everyone is an excellent speaker - I get that. But what everyone does have is the ability to think before they speak, along with making a conscious decision of whether to even speak at all.

If we are not going to choose words that add value to the listener, the words we speak are pointless and without merit. Words are worthless if they do not inspire, do not motivate, or do not help someone. What’s the use of talking if nothing beneficial is gained and learned? What’s the use of imparting your opinions if nobody’s heart is touched and pacified? Blasphemy might get you 15 minutes of fame, but only value will gain you respect.

Be not someone who will just add noise to the already noisy world. Why not be someone who will be the voice of inspiration, someone who will be a source of motivation who can uplift lives of others? This is what we need.

At Nelly Bloom, our goal is to impart ideas that promote love, compassion and togetherness. This way, we leave footprints not only by our actions, but also with our words’ reflections. Everyday, we try to add value, not noise.

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