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A Stronger, Smarter & Better Nelly Bloom

Posted on July 20 2015

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On a warm Sunday morning this past June, as my wife and I were chatting about life and business over some breaky at our neighborhood bistro, an epiphany smacked me silly.

Some people buy wall art, but everyone buys t-shirts,” she told me.

And that was the moment I realized that I had the right vision, but the wrong medium in which to display that vision. A dramatic shift had to take place where inspirational works of art for people like me had to transcend into exceptionally bold graphic tees for the youth (first). Though as a self-proclaimed agent of context, I needed to break down the logic of why a person purchases either medium

Someone who buys a wall art poster that reads ‘Take Risks’ for instance is buying that for herself, to be displayed in her home or office. It impresses her because it speaks to her ideals. She prints it, mats it, frames it and puts it on her wall. Every now and again, she’ll have company and they may or may not notice or comment on the wall art. And then life goes on.

Someone who buys a t-shirt that reads ‘Take Risks’ has chosen it because it says something about him and he wants to express it in public. Everyone that sees him will likely take note of his sense of fashion, how he carries himself and what his apparel says about him. He’ll wear this shirt several times over the course of a year and people may even ask him where he bought it. And then life goes on.

Wall art impresses while clothing expresses. Nelly Bloom is at its core purpose when it is helping people express themselves more. When our brand awakens a dormant truth in you, when it encourages you to be more of who you already are - we are fulfilling a promise and it’s why we exist.

We’re not naive though. We’re kinda insane for entering an extremely competitive industry with hopes of carving out a tiny slice of the market in a reasonable span of time. However, it’s worst to never try at all than to try and fail, so we can’t live lives full of regret and shoulda, woulda, coulda’s. As we shift into 2nd gear, may the force be with us as we strive to be a stronger, smarter and better Nelly Bloom.


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