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Spotlight: Our First Repeat Customer

Posted on January 08 2016

shannon hess nelly bloom


The incomparable Shannon Hess (shown above) with Love & Lace Boutique became one of our new customers this past Black Friday when she picked up our Embrace Your Wobble women's graphic tee from our online store. For every sale we get, we dance in the streets a little, so when she told us she'd share a photo once she got it and would return someday, we were overjoyed. Well, she returned a fews later, and bought this shirt, making her our first official repeat shopper; a new milestone for Nelly Bloom.
Key Takeaway: Shannon is a 2x cancer survivor who is full of love, light and compassion. She fought through the face of death twice and returned better. Not only does she run her own boutique, she also became an avid supporter of our brand, all on her own merit. When I asked her why does Nelly Bloom appeal to her, she simply responded that it's our passion and vibe, which is uncommon to find in this industry. I urge you to find your true competitive advantage no matter what your profession is. Hone in on it and be more of the embodiment of whatever that is.


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